What is Tech For Peace

TechForPeace is the global peace initiative to use technology for a faster path to peace in the current Ukraine-Russia war. The initiative is being set up as Switzerland-based DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) which is used as a foundation for donations and contributor engagement.

Who is involved

The initiative is led by an activist group of technology entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, political leaders, and other influencers as well as different groups of contributors. The project was initiated by Olga Feldmeier, a Ukrainian entrepreneur leading a Swiss cryptocurrency exchange and a group of friends fighting for peace in Ukraine.

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What is NFT for Peace

NFT for Peace is a donations project which brings together influencers such as artists, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs to share their engagement and activate their communities in support of Ukraine. The NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is used to record the ownership of digital artwork created in this project.

How does it work

For each well-known individual participating in the initiative a series of personal artworks are created in collaboration with digital artists. The artwork features the influencer's personality integrated with Ukrainian national symbols.

Participating artists donate their work. Participating influencers donate their personal imagery. For each artwork the NFT (non-fungible token) is generated, which acts as ownership certificate.

Only the person who holds the NFT in his wallet, is the rightful owner of the unique digital artwork connected with this token. The proceeds from sales of artworks act as donations. Tech For Peace Donation taskforce custody and distribute donations.

How can you participate

Individual artworks from the NFT for Peace Collection are sold through the network of participating NFT marketplaces. People who are buying NFTs, receive the digital artwork. The purchase price goes as a donation to the Tech For Peace initiative. The NFTs themselves represent a unique valuable series of digital art, which can hold its value outside of the initial sales transaction.

Show your support for Ukraine by visiting the House of Ukraine during the World Economic Forum in Davos on 25th May 18:00-23:0. The colorful format of the event is centered around speeches and panel discussions dedicated to the topic of achieving peace in Ukraine delivered by leading Ukrainian representatives, top-level politicians, tech thought leders, and support organisations. Listen to witness stories and learn how technology is helping to stand against dictatorship. All ticket sales go to help Ukrainian chldren .

What is the impact of the initiative

The main result of the initiative is the collection of donations for the support of Ukraine. The impact of initiative is enhanced through the utilisation of NFT technology and activation of their communities. Initial goal of the initiative is to have 100 influencers participating in the donation campaign. If each of the influencers have on average 1,5 million followers, up to 150 million people can be involved.

Donating NFT’s is more than money. It is a social expression leveraging the power of modern communication networks.

How to engage?

Engage as an influencer

If you have sufficiently large followership on social media and would like to create your own NFT for Peace series, please register here:

Engage as a donor

If you would like to financially contribute to the Tech For Peace initiative by purchasing NFT, please register here:

Engage as a contributor

We are looking for active contributors in various fields such as project management, marketing and social media, graphic design, communications, legal advice, translations, etc. to manage and run the Tech For Peace initiative. If you have some time to support the organisation of the initiative, please register here:


You have a strong network of influencers. You work in a record agency, sports agency or just happen to know people like Roger Federer or Beyonce. Get involved with the TechForPeace initiative helping to get your influencers involved.

Engage as company

Are you a representative of the tech company and want your company to engage in this or other Tech For Peace initiatives? Register here and give us more details about you and your company.

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