What we will do together

Together we will work on engaging more influencers such as artists, musicians, athletes, and other famous people to stand with Ukraine and activate their followers. You will work with them as a mobiliser or organiser. Or maybe you want to run the communications and social media side of the initiative, supporting blogging, video and translation works? If you have project management or organisational skills, you can help to steer the initiative as part of PMO (project management office). From a couple of hours per week to full time – your support is a great contribution to the fight for freedom and peace.

How we are Organised

Tech For Peace is  a decentralised organisation consisting of independent members who contribute their unique skills and network. Contributors come from different professional backgrounds and are organised in five task forces


Influencers and artists




Whom are we looking for

Each of five core taskforce consists of people with specific expertise dedicated to a particular group.

Technology Taskforce

Technology group

- Set-up and operate technology related parts of the project

Influencer and Artists Taskforce

Influencer group

- Engage and coordinate influencers

Artists group

- Find, engage, and coordinate artists 

Mobiliser group

- Find and engage influencers – for people with large network of influencers

Communications Taskforce

Press and PR group

- Write articles and communicate with press

Social media group

- Post on social media and execute campaigns

Translations group

- Translate articles and posts

Video and photo group

- Record and cut videos, make photos


Donation collections group

- Collect donations 

Donation distributions group

- Distribute donations to receivers

Donation reporting group

- Control and report collection and distribution


PMO – Project Management office

- Manage overall project, engage, and validate contributors, support overall communication

Legal group

- Cover legal issues

Demonstrations and events group

- Organise events and demonstrations

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